Here Comes Lockdown 2.0

I'm sure you groaned as much as I did when the announcement was made.

"Here we go again"

The last 7-8 months have been tough on everyone, with people being affected in different ways.

We’ve not been allowed to socialise, the gyms and restaurants have been shut, people have been off work or busier than ever, home-schooling and looking after family members…

Plus, we’ve probably all tried to do self-improvement courses, DIY and anything else constructive to fill our time.


This got boring, quickly

And I’m sure just like me you embraced a mid-week beer on a zoom call a little too often, and the motivation for bodyweight workouts or bodyweight zoom classes quickly lost their appeal.

But for the last few months we've been almost back to normal.

The gyms, restaurants and pubs were back open.

We could see our friends and family

And we embraced the "new normal"

Then that got taken away from us too...

I for one don't want to go back to home workouts that were more miss than hit

Embracing a mid-week beer (or three...)

And generally letting myself go

But it can be tough to find motivation, right!?

That's why we wanted to create...

The Lockdown Tune-Up

  • 4-weeks of expert coaching from Shaun and myself to help you get through this lockdown fitter than ever.
  • DAILY bodyweight or cable/band workout delivered in the FB group to help you tone, sculpt and burn fat. Not a burpee in sight!
  • Discover and follow just 5 simple nutrition habits to allow you to eat what you want, drink alcohol and NOT come out of lockdown needing a new pair of trousers!
  • FB group for a weekly live video, daily accountability and a support group of people just like you! Research shows you are 75% more likely to get results when you are supported by a group of people.

How Do You Get Involved?

This program will start on Monday 9th November.

Meaning you only have until midnight this Sunday to get involved.

We will be running this at only £67 per person!

I'm sure you'll agree this is a price not to be missed.

Think about the value you get for less than £2.40/day

- Daily bodyweight/cable workout

- Weekly FB live with Shaun and myself

- A habit guide with recipes, meal sheets, advice sheets and more

- The FB group with daily accountability and support posts.

I'm sure you'll agree, there's a lot we can do to help you this lockdown.

If you want to avoid burning out due to stress

Losing motivation to do burpees on zoom

Mid-week drinking too much

Letting your health and fitness go

Then this is for you.

Here's what you need to do:

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    Step 1:
    Sign up below
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    Step 2:
    Pay securely using Stripe
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    Step 3:
    Await your confirmation email with the link to the FB group and further instructions

As a reminder, you get:

  • DAILY bodyweight/band workout
  • Habit guide, recipe books and MORE
  • Weekly LIVE Facebook Call
  • Facebook group posts/accountability

What others say about our programs:

"I lost over 4kg in just 8-weeks"

"This program gave us so many useful bits of information to help us maximise results. It’s just enough to think about and incorporate into your daily life! For working people who have busy lives, it does work and is simple enough to follow."


Over 6kg of body fat gone...

"On the whole it wasn't that difficult, I didn't feel restricted and I feel I have so much more knowledge and a better relationship with food."


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